Moxe Digital ROI 2022

Streamlining Release of Information for Providers and Requestors

December 2022 | Performance Report

KLAS Research features Moxe Digital ROI in their Emerging Solutions Spotlight report, interviewing both provider and requestor customers about their experience with Moxe.

Emerging Solutions Spotlight - Customer Rated Badge 2022

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Emerging Solutions Spotlight - Customer Rated Badge 2022



Reimagine your Release of Information process.


Moxe simplifies clinical data exchange between providers and requestors to drive smarter, simpler healthcare operations and improved outcomes.


Our Digital ROI solution automates release of information (ROI) so that providers can focus on patient-centric initiatives and payers can obtain the clinical data they need in their required formats.


In this report, you'll learn more about the positive operational and financial outcomes our customers see by reducing manually processed ROI requests and improving turnaround times.


KLAS Research provides detailed insights and KPIs outlining our strengths across:

  • Adoption of Key Functionality
  • Overall Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty
  • Time to See Outcomes
  • Expected and Unexpected Outcomes
  • Product Support
  • Company Culture, Operations, and Value
Operationally, we are receiving more data and reviewing it much more quickly than before. Financially, because we are reviewing more records, we are seeing a higher rate of return on chart reviews. We are getting comprehensive data, and we weren’t getting that previously.
Vice President
Payer Customer
Because of the clinical data exchange in place, the system eliminates or minimizes the need for HIM staff to physically send medical records to a payer. Another outcome is a quick turnaround time. We are giving the folks who are chasing the medical records a lot of relief from having to do that.
HIM Manager
Health System Customer


Highly Satisfied

Rating in Overall Customer Satisfaction


See Outcomes Within 6 months

27% of our surveyed customers reported immediate positive outcomes


Using Customized Data Formats

Regardless of EHR vendor, Moxe delivers data in formats that meets payers' needs

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Moxe's Digital ROI solution automates release of information (ROI) so that provider organizations can focus on patients and payers can get clinical data when and how they need it. This report examines customers’ experiences and satisfaction with the Moxe product.

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