Streamlining the Exchange of

Supplemental Data

April 2023 | Case Study

KLAS Research features Moxe in their Points of Light report, highlighting how crucial supplemental data is for payers and providers to achieve success in value-based contracts.

Points of Light Recognition 2023

For the second year in a row, Moxe is recognized by KLAS for our innovative and collaborative partnerships that reduce friction, costs, and inefficiencies to ultimately improve the patient experience. This year, Moxe was celebrated along with our customers for our work to automate the exchange of supplemental data, which is a critical component of value-based contracts. 

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By automating the labor-intensive process of extracting supplemental patient data from the EHR, Moxe, Humana, and an academic medical center were able to enhance efficiency and submit more accurate quality improvement and risk adjustment data.

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